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A beautiful compliment to the French Ironwork Collection, we created the unique unity candelabra to create a romantic way of symbolizing the coming together of two individuals to become one. Very dramatic and elegant. We now have 2 beautiful Unity Candelabras for the bride to choose from. The Grande Unity Candelabra and the Elegant Unity Candelabra.

The Grande Unity Candelabra the largest in the collection extends in height from 5-6ft tall and .25ft wide. The center candle is 5in wide x 12in tall; the outer candles are 3in x 9in. The Elegant Unity Candelabra is exactly the same as the Grande Unity Candelabra in style and design only it is smaller in scale. The Elegant Unity Candelabra stands at 4ft tall and 2.5ft wide, the center candle is 3 x 9 and the outer candles are 3 x 6.

When lighting either Candelabras during the ceremony, the Bride and Groom use tapered candles to transfer the outer candles flame to the center candle. We provide 2 taper candles with each Candelabra order. All Candles will be enclosed in glass per CA State Law.

Rental Prices:
The Grande Unity Candelabra - $75.00
The Elegant Unity Candelabra - $50.00
Candles and Glass are included in the rental price.

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Dave Siccardi Photography

The Grande Unity Candelabra


Lighting the Grande Unity Candelabra
The Elegant Unity Candelabra