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The perfect match to the Gazebo, the miniature Gazebo is a exquisite replica of the larger one. So perfectly adorable, the miniature gazebo has many looks and uses. You could have it greet your guests as they arrive with a beautiful picture of your engagement inside. Or as a perfect canopy for the cake. I should note the mini Gazebo is not so mini - you can fit a 4-5 tier cake inside! Many brides insist they must have it! Its' such a wonderful way to keep the beautiful iron "look" running through every detail of your wedding design.

Overall height (from center) 40in.  Overall width is 28in.; Opening size 30in tall x 26in wide.

Indoors or Outdoors

Rental Price: $89.00

See Package Prices.

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Mini Gazebo Sanner Wedding
Ritz Carlton