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Dazzle your guests, as they enter your reception, with these spectacular centerpieces. Our pieces are the perfect way to bring the beauty of the French Ironwork Collection from your ceremony to your reception. They have mutliple features which accomodate several different stlyes. One of the best features of our centerpeices is the unique way they do not obstruct the few from across the table, allowing your guest to have conversation without any need to move the centerpiece.

Below are the many different styles to choose from:
Floral in center only - "Topiary" look
Floral center & 2 votive candles
Floral center & 4 votive candles
Single candle in Center only - 9in Pillar
3-candle Style - 9in Pillar (center), 2 votive candles
5-candle Style - 9in Pillar (center), 4 votive candles

Standard Height - 27in (Base to dish);
Base - 13"diameter

Rental Price: $26ea
(includes glass & candles, if needed);

See Package Prices.

5-Candle Style
Only Floral

centerpiece - 3 candle
Centerpiece 3-Candle

Centerpiece 5-Candle
Centerpiece 5-Candle

Centerpiece Base

5-candle Silk Floral
5-Candle with Silk Floral

Centerpiece Topiary
5-candle centerpiece